Bite me, mosquitoes: It’s time to end your reign of terror

In my last blog post I had a whine about the possibility absolute certainty of my contracting malaria while in Ethiopia. My blood is a delicious fine wine, anti-mosquito spray doesn’t work well, wah wah wah. You know what, dear readers? I’m gonna tell myself to STFU. I’m gonna take my first-world problems, and go sit in the naughty … More Bite me, mosquitoes: It’s time to end your reign of terror

A kiss with a twist

I’m gonna get malaria. I just know it. Here’s the thing: I’m delicious. I’m the crème de la crème of mosquito delicacies. If my blood was on the list at a mosquito restaurant, it’d be a freaking 1787 Chateau Margaux. People tell me all the time to just relax. “Oh but I went for three weeks and … More A kiss with a twist

Sh*t Italy says

Someday in the future, we’ll look back on this and laaaaaaugh. People tell me that Africa might a bit rough going for an Aussie that enjoys planning and itineraries and the like. I admit it, I was spoiled in Australia. We like to complain that the major phone company farms out their call centres to … More Sh*t Italy says

What is ‘brain-drain’?

The reason for this whole shebang is a problem called ‘brain-drain’ – the large-scale emigration of skilled and educated people out of certain countries. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs did a bit of statistical digging in 2013 and published a report called ‘World Migration in Figures‘. They say that brain-drain is particularly high in certain areas of Africa, … More What is ‘brain-drain’?

Introducing the peeps

Team science is in preparation! That’s myself (scientist, writer, traveller, 100% Aussie-grown with a bit of Italian frosting), and my good mate Vikster, who is most definitely the brains of the operation and probably knows the Queen. We’re just two pale-as doctors of the PhD variety, off on an Ethiopian adventure, hoping to share a little … More Introducing the peeps