Introducing the peeps

Team science is in preparation!

That’s myself (scientist, writer, traveller, 100% Aussie-grown with a bit of Italian frosting), and my good mate Vikster, who is most definitely the brains of the operation and probably knows the Queen.

We’re just two pale-as doctors of the PhD variety, off on an Ethiopian adventure, hoping to share a little of our educational privilege.


The science side of it is that we’re both postdocs, and both obsessed with mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell). I bring a bit of metabolic flare to the mix and Viks brings a lot of knowledge of mitochondrial disease and neuroscience.

I didn’t always harp on about metabolism so obsessively… but after a short-but-sweet adipocyte-centred honours year (one year in a lab, write a thesis, you know the drill) at the University of Sydney, Australia, I was totally hooked. So I moved across town to the shininess of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to do my PhD in type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity.

Fast forward five years and I’m in Italy (I freely admit I chose this job for the close proximity to pizza). I’m a postdoc in one of the top labs of the University of Padua, bringing my metabolism know-how and mixing it together with hardcore mitochondrial research of the calcium-obsessed variety.

Italy is also where I met the Vikster, who was brought into another top mitochondrial lab in the same building. She brings a little English class to the whole establishment.

Together we’ve decided to take 6 months away from the cutthroat ‘publish or perish’ environment of academia and use our massive educations to try to further global scientific

Come February 2016, our research lives are gonna be veeery different.


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