We’re pulling into the donation station

In research, money is key. Without money, we rely on the kindness of others. 

Do you know what it’s like to rummage, elbow-deep in a big bucket of probably-radioactive water, trying to MacGyver up an old piece of crap into a vaguely functioning piece of lab equipment?

Well, I do. And that piece of crap ended up becoming a half-decent shaking waterbath*.

*For the non-science types, a shaking waterbath is just a big tub of filthy water that’s kept hot, with a nifty little switch that starts all your tubes jiggling around inside. It has a bunch of practical applications (especially in the metabolic field), making it a necessity in many labs.

Probably shaking water baths also aerosolise some funky microbes so they can investigate the nostrils of nearby researchers.

Anyway, myself and some colleagues MacGyvered up that shaking waterbath here, in Italy. Italy. Technically a developed country, and one that boasts some of the oldest universities in the world. Italian universities have churned out some of the most notable people in history, from Galileo Galilei to Casanova. But we still had to make basic lab equipment out of scavenged foam pallets, old tube holders, and rubber bands.

Success…..Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Know why? Lab equipment is expensive. And I mean really freaking expensive. 

It’s cheaper to hire a mountain of research lackeys in the hope that one will miraculously have the MacGyver gene than it is to outfit a new lab, or even to outfit just one crummy corner of a new lab.

The message here is that donations are crucial. A lack of money means that scientific research grinds to a halt.

In Africa, research money is scarce, and donations are the lifeblood of science.

TReND (and all other similar programs) need your help.
So you should totally go here —> Donations page

If you want some more info about your donations of time or money or whatnot, give the folks at TReND an email and they’ll no doubt help you out.

Happy donating, friends of science! I love you all already.


2 thoughts on “We’re pulling into the donation station

  1. Hi Doc Emily,
    I think your cause is wonderful. Actually, I am starting an international feature on my blog this week.I met you in the Community Pool. You said you were new to blogging, and I help new bloggers at my site. I brought you the link to my About Me page, so you can read more about my blog.
    Nice to meet you.

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