The end of the working world as I know it

It’s official.

It’s today.

It’s my last day in the lab. My last day as a run-of-the-mill postdoc just trying to make a difference and do some cool science. It feels so weird to not have a ‘proper’ lab job awaiting me as I leave this one. In this harsh world of ‘publish or perish’, even a short time away from hardcore research is considered a nail in the coffin of your academic career.

But, that’s not gonna deter me from taking this crazy African path that’s ahead.

lab-512503_1920 pixabay
Image from

The nostalgia is ripe these days.

I learnt so much over the years, and I met the most amazing people. I value their friendship, their intellect, and their insanity.

I’ve also met some people that I desperately want to tar and feather, and then attack in one of those foam-covered gladiator arenas. Okay, okay, not just some. A lot. 

Yep, colleagues can be really special sometimes.

I truly love science. I love what I thought it would be. But the reality of it is that it’s not a career for those that just love the sciencing. It’s not just a career for those that have minds like razorblades. It’s a career for those that are willing to play the game. Science is a career full of nepotism and favours, of back-door deals, arrogant A-holes, and sucking up.

And I’m tired.

I’m glad to have a rest, just for a while.

And I’m glad to visit home again. In a week I’m off to Australia, yeeaaa! It’s been almost two years since my last visit.

Australia will be a time to recharge the batteries, and to remember what exactly I loved about science in the first place.

animal-715543_1920 pixabay
‘Just relax, mate’. Image from

And after that? Look out Ethiopia, I’m gonna hit the ground running, with nerdy enthusiasm!


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