Boxes, boxes, everywhere

And a whole lot of dust.

Short post from me today, because I’m living in a pile of boxes and bubble wrap. It’s doing my head in.

Not to mention every five seconds I remember something that should be done before I mosey off to the land of meat pies, kangaroos, and spiders.

shield-288565_1920 pixabay
Home!     Image from

Utilities companies, immigration offices, house logistics, and bank rubbish are just the start. Science has to be sorted, categorised, and recorded for future work. Little details breed like rabbits, as apparently does the contents of all cupboards. Really, can someone please tell me how so much crap accumulates in just four short years?!

Ah, the nail-in-the-cranium strain of moving. The wanderlust gene really should come hand-in-hand with a secretary and a massive dude with a truck.

It should also come with a winning lottery ticket… Anyone out there got some good tips for Ethiopian tourist adventures on a very tight budget?

Until next time, science fans!


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