So here’s the story.

Africa is experiencing brain-drain. This means that the science enthusiasts and other educated people are jumping ship for better prospects overseas. In some areas brain-drain is so bad that newly minted graduates are immediately promoted to course lecturer; a desperate move to simply keep the science alive. Through the not-for-profit group TReND, myself and other educationally privileged nerds are welcomed into African universities to share our skills.

That’s me, an educationally privileged nerd.

And I’m off to Ethiopia to share some knowledge, and gain some wisdom.

… and I have absolutely no clue what I’m getting myself into.


12 thoughts on “About

    1. Wow 3 months already! Did you find much of a culture shock?
      I’m already wishing I was rich so I could see all the amazing sights of every African country… so much to see indeed!


      1. Yes and no to culture shock – I have travelled and lived overseas a lot so knew what to expect. However I am not immune and still find certain things difficult even though I knew it would be: the crime and all the bars and gates and locks, the poverty divide and how loooooong it takes to get anything done…..


  1. Love it – short simple and to the point while fun and engaging as well – as an African from the South i love that you have chosen to head to our continent and add some brain to the drain and i trust your time will be an incredible one – thanks for this.

    love brett fish

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