So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen good night

And lets not forget… arrivederci! Today I’m letting go of the last fragments of my Padova life and heading off on a grand Aussie adventure. And soon after that, BOOYAH, AFRICA. Being an expat is weird. The world feels like home, but simultaneously, also nowhere truly feels like home. I’ll miss Padova. For four completely insane years … More So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen good night

You’ve got mail!

Oh yeahhhh *happy dance* it finally happened, we got contact from the University in Mekelle! ACTUAL DETAILS, holy frijoles and golly gosh, it’s like Christmas came early. They were soooo silent for so long, and then, BAM, details! Well, kinda details, sorta details… really what we have are more like vague shadows of an idea of possible details. Okay, … More You’ve got mail!

A kiss with a twist

I’m gonna get malaria. I just know it. Here’s the thing: I’m delicious. I’m the crème de la crème of mosquito delicacies. If my blood was on the list at a mosquito restaurant, it’d be a freaking 1787 Chateau Margaux. People tell me all the time to just relax. “Oh but I went for three weeks and … More A kiss with a twist

Introducing the peeps

Team science is in preparation! That’s myself (scientist, writer, traveller, 100% Aussie-grown with a bit of Italian frosting), and my good mate Vikster, who is most definitely the brains of the operation and probably knows the Queen. We’re just two pale-as doctors of the PhD variety, off on an Ethiopian adventure, hoping to share a little … More Introducing the peeps

Science up your wanderlust! The very beginning…

Ethiopia in 2016, that’s the plan. We’re gonna do a science, and we’re gonna do it hand-in-hand with some super cool African scientists. And I’m pooping rainbows with excitement! Me and my sister from another mister, Viks, are off early next year. Well, in theory. African time, y’know. But at least we know the location – The … More Science up your wanderlust! The very beginning…